The 2022 Highlander Powerlifting Meet will be held on Thursday, February 19, 2022 at The Woodlands High School

The Woodlands High School first hosted its annual powerlifting meet in 2005 and has hosted the meet every year since. The meet has always been a boys only meet and has seen some of the top lifters in the state compete at the meet.

Any teams wanting to attend or individuals wishing to help can contact Craig Smith at



The Woodlands wins 2022 Highlander Powerlifting Meet

The Highlanders took 1st place at the 2022 Highlanders Powerlifting Meet. Damon Arnold (123), Hank Hewgley (132), and Mauricio Kerguelen (165) each earned 1st place medals. Daniel Gil set a new meet record in the 148lb squat (535 lbs) and Andrew Larkworthy set a new school record in the 198lb bench (380 lbs). This was the 6th time the Highlanders won the annual TWHS Meet.

Meet Records / Award Winners

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