Team History

The Highlander Powerlifting Team was officially started in 2003 and saw some immediate success. Two Highlanders qualified for state in 2003 with Caleb Rowton winning the 275 lb state championship. In 2021 & 2022, The Woodlands won back-to-back regional titles. In all, the Highlander Powerlifting Program has had 7 state champions, 40 state qualifiers, 16 regional champions, and 116 regional qualifiers. The team began hosting its own meet in 2005 and it has seen some of the state's top lifters compete at The Woodlands High School.

Caleb Rowton

2003 - 275 lb State/Regional Champion
In the first year of the Highlander Powerlifting Program, Caleb Rowton dominated his competition and won the 275 lb state championship with an 1835 lb total (685, 500, 650). His 500 lb bench press at state set a new state record that lasted for several years. He won the regional championship in 2003 with an 1845 lb total, including a 520 lb bench press. He still holds the regional record for both bench and total weight. He also still holds all of the 275 lb school records.

Zach Hohman

2010 - 181 lb State/Regional Champion
2009 - 165 lb Regional Champion / State Runner-up

Zach is possibly our most decorated lifter in program history. He holds the school record for most medals won and points scored in a career. In 2010, Zach won the 181 lb state championship. In 2009, Zach won the 165 lb regional championship and placed 2nd at the state meet. Also in 2009, Zach set a state record at the state meet with a 590 lb squat. He still holds 2 regional records and 6 school records.

Mitchell Fountain

2013 & 2014 - 220 lb State/Regional Champion
Mitchell became the first Highlander to win back-to-back state titles in 2014. He also became the first three-time state qualifier in school history. In 2014, Mitchell broke the state record with a 735 lb dead lift. At the time, it was the biggest dead lift in any division and weight class ever seen at the state meet. Mitchell also still holds the regional squat record and all 4 220 lb school records.

Grayson Brown

2014 - 132 lb Regional Champion / State Medalist
In 2014, Grayson became the first sophomore in school history to earn a medal at the state meet. He placed 5th in the 132 lb class. He also earned the 2014 regional title in the 132 lb class. Grayson was a three-time state qualifer and a four-time regional medalist. Grayson also previously held several school records in both the 132 lb and 148 lb weight classes.

Gavin Webster

2016 & 2017 - 148 lb State Champion
Gavin became the school's 2nd two-time state champion in 2017. He won the 148 lb regional title in 2017 and the 132 lb regional title in 2015. Gavin was a three-time state qualifer and four-time regional medalist. Gavin set a new state record with a 1475 lb total in 2017 and was named the lightweight lifter of the meet at the state championships. He still holds four school records and went 100% on 45 lifts in 2016.

AJ Ono

2018 - 132 lb State/Regional Champion
AJ took the 132 lb state title in 2018 with a school-record 485 lb dead lift on his last lift. AJ was a three-time state qualifier and a four-time regional medalist (placed in top 3 all four years). He won the most outstanding dead lift award at the 2018 regional meet. He currently owns 6 school records in the 123 and 132 lb weight classes.

Logan Ecuyer

2020/2021 - 242 lb Regional Champion
2021 - 242 lb State Runner-Up

After missing his sophomore year due to injury, Logan returned to win consecutive regional titles in the 242 lb class - leading TWHS to our 1st regional title in 2021. Unfortunately, the 2020 state meet was cancelled. After defending his regional title in 2021, he got is chance to lift at the state meet and finished with a 2nd place medal. Logan still holds school records.

Daniel Gil

2022 - 148 lb Regional Champion
2021/2022 - 148 lb State Medalist

Daniel capped his outstanding career in 2022 by claiming a regional title and placing 2nd at the state meet. He also earned a 5th place medal at the 2021 state meet. He won 3 of the 4 top lifter awards at the 2022 regional meet. Dan is a former school record holder and won medals in 17 of the 18 meets he competed in over his career.
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